This project started when I saw a micro DLG with 600mm wingspan on rcgroups. I decided to make a bagged wing to avoid sanding one out of basla wood. Templates for spyder foam core are rather small.
Foam cores turned out better than expected. Never cut anything that small before. Weight for the whole set is about 4g. Spars are CF and grooves cut with hotwire, very easy to do...
Wings are bagged with 1 oz Kevlar. LE is highly streched 1 oz Kevlar. After trimming they are 12g, about twice as heavy as its Balsa counterpart.
Tail made from 2mm Balsa wood with peelply as hinge.
LE and TE are soaked in CA to make it more stable. Ordinary black spray paint and some sanding makes the surface smooth and looks good. Tailboom CF tube sanded to a conical shape to save weight.
RC gear: HK 1.7g servo, Hyperion 100 mAh battery and Spektum 6300 receiver.
Fuse foam core covered with 1.7 oz Kevlar.

Connection for servos to CF is piano wire. Wrapped with Kevlar and secured with CA. Appears durable but only time will tell if it really is.
Ready for a test flight. AUW is 1 ounce.
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