My favorite links.

www.amazon.com best source for books about any topic
www.wunderground.com weather always up to date
http://charlesriverrc.org/articles.htm  number one stop for RC glider plans, tips and model science
www.forum.mikromodelle.de micro RC forum (German)
www.mouser.com supplier for electronics
www.digikey.com supplier for electronics
http://www.lonestar-balsa.com/ Balsa wood
http://www.skybench.com home of the Bird series RC planes
http://www.jetpens.com office supplies a little different
http://sweetcomposites.com cheap Kevlar for bagging wings
www.google.com the best Internet navigator
http://www.shop.kkpmo.com micro RC supply, always one step ahead of the competition
http://micmo.de/ Oliver Kessler and my old homepage
http://www.bbc.co.uk/ news, one among many
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