5 axis CNC scratch built

So far my most complex hobby project.
Main constraint was and still is my lack of sophisticated metal manufacturing tools. This machine is intended for machining of steel and therefore has to be very rigid. At the same time precision is one of my requirements.
Its polymer concrete body with integrated mounting surfaces for major components together with laser cut parts makes it possible to tackle such project with only a drill press and basic scraping equipment.
Simple Styrofoam mold with Mylar sheets to create a smooth surface. All mounting surfaces are already part of the machine bed. Exothermic reaction of epoxy heated up the mold and heat cured it within a couple of hours. I used different grain sizes of quartz sand from the pet store. They are blended to minimize voids and epoxy contend.
Fresh out of the mold and still hot.
That's how it all comes together. Surfaces already scraped and linear rails mounted. Z axis assembled from laser cut steel plates and an uncounted number of machine screws.
Electronics mounted on aluminum plate. Five controllers for DC servo motors and below it the 5 axis stand alone CNC controller. A car monitor with VGA input serves as display. Handheld on the left makes a very convenient interface.
The two rotation axis will also be made out of laser cut steel parts. Polymer concrete would be nice but its mass would compromise the dynamic of the machine. Maybe carbon fiber...its high E-modulus could increase the stiffness and Eigenmode frequencies.
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